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2 Ways to Get a Man to Do What You Want

If you have dated or been married to a man for longer than 6 months, then you know that they are master procrastinators. I attached the time period of 6 months, because from day 1 to about month 6, the relationship is still new and fresh. During this time, you and he are on cloud nine, going on out every weekend and eating each other up. However at about month 6, things change. He may still want to make you happy, but his readiness and responsiveness to do what you want him to do wanes. It is then that you have to ask for things to be done not once, but 2 or 3 times. As the relationship progresses, that 2 or 3 times, morphs into 5 or 6 times over the course of many weeks. It is at that point, you long for a way to get this man to do what you want. Well search no more ladies! Here are a couple of ways you can try to kill his procrastination disease and to get him to do what you want him to do.
Ride the Testosterone Roller Coaster
Most of us who have ever woken up beside a man, know about the morning hard-on. You know, it’s the thing that normally greets you before he does! The reason for this is the testosterone roller coaster. If you are smart, you can ride this roller coaster to get what you want. First of all, in the morning, your man’s testosterone levels are high. Now although you may not be in the mood, he certainly is. Therefore this is the perfect time to give him a morning quickie. This will lay the ground work, to getting what you want.

Now that you have given him a little morning lovin’ his day will certainly start off better. Wait until the afternoon around 2:00 PM or so to ask him to do anything or have a meaningful conversation. If there are projects you want done around the house, now is the time to ask. By this time, his testosterone levels are on the way down and he will be much less aggressive and more open. Also, the morning love making session you all had is still somewhat fresh on his mind.

Around 6PM or so, the testosterone roller coaster has come to the end. This is the valley before the next morning peak. Now is the time to get the “Yes” answers. Anything you just want a simple answer of “Yes” to, should be presented now. This is the time his testosterone levels are the lowest for the day and he is less confrontational and most willing to just go with the flow. You could even prime him with a small massage before you present the question or request. However, be advised that a massage may cause an unexpected peak in on this testosterone roller coaster and you will most certainly have to give him some lovin’ to get your “Yes.”

One thing you must remember ladies is that for this technique to be effective, you must not do it every day. Ride the testosterone roller coaster when you want something special. Don’t ride it to get the dishes washed or the trash taken out. Ride it to get the bathroom remodeled, the garage organized or perhaps to get a new wedding ring, or for a trip to the Virgin Islands. Also, keep in mind for more extensive involved tasks; you may have to ride the roller coaster a couple of times per week. Just be persistent girl and your hard work will pay off!

Sad Sally
If you try the riding the testosterone roller coaster and things don’t work out, try the sad Sally technique. This will only work on a many that truly loves you and wants you to be happy. Now if you have asked your man over and over again to do something and he just continues to procrastinate or won’t give in, just start asking sad all of sudden. Wait until things are going well and he thinks everything is great. Then, one day just come home and be sad. Continue this for a day or so, and most men, if they love you, will ask what’s wrong. When he asks, what’s wrong, simply reply with a very sad face, “Nothing, I just have a lot of stuff on my mind.” Then walk away.

Now that you have laid the ground work in his mind, that something is bothering you, he will be curious as to what it is. His mind will begin to wonder if it’s him, or a host of other things. As you continue to be “sad Sally,” he will become nicer and more accommodating because he wants you to be happy. It is at that point, you slide in your requests. He will be more likely to give you exactly what you want due to his desire to pull you out of your sadness and get back to your old “happy” ways. You may even want to try to be so sad that you are “not in the mood.” That will really motivate him to try to make you happy again. To some this may sound terrible, and it is unfair to manipulate the men that love us; however, in the end, everyone will be happier! Happy Wife…Happy Life!

I would recommend trying to ride the testosterone roller coaster first. It is the more honest less manipulative approach. However, if the testosterone roller coaster leads you to a dead end, try sad Sally to get you over the hump! 😉
What do you ladies think? How do you get your man to SWIFTLY do what you ask? Let me know.
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