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Why Do Men Cheat?

We’ve all been there. We have all felt the pain of a cheater. Before I met my wonderful husband, I too felt the pain of a no-good man. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a feminist and I absolutely have the need for a man (my husband) in my life. But let’s face it, there are some dawgs (no dogs but dawgs) out there, that will break your heart into pieces. All men aren’t dawgs but a large majority of them are. I love you fellas…but it’s true. So why? Why do men cheat? Why do they feel the need and the desire to venture outside of their own relationship? I believe there are two reasons: they are selfish and we push them to. I will explain my thoughts below. If you feel the need to comment and would like to share your thoughts, feel free to do so in the comment section.

He’s Selfish

I’ll start with selfishness. When a man cheats, he is only considering his own feelings and desires. His commitment to the woman in his life, and even his children if he is married and living at home, don’t matter. Fulfilling his own desire is what, at the time or during the time he is cheating, matters most to him. He doesn’t consider that his infidelity is could be catastrophic not only to his relationship with his wife/woman, but also to his children. So here’s the deal ladies…if you are in a relationship with a man that has cheated over and over again, then I’m sorry girl, but he doesn’t love you. True love is selfless. True love will make that man, even though he may be temporarily tempted, turn away from infidelity and remain committed to you.

You Brought It On

Another reason men cheat is because of us…women! Now, I have nothing but love for you ladies, but I have to be honest, if we got our stuff together, there would be a lot less men cheating. First, most of us, at some point, have held sex back from our man because we are angry or upset about something. I do understand. For us women, sex is an emotional as well as a physical act and if our emotions are not with it, then our bodies sometimes aren’t as well. So I get it. I can understand a day or two, maybe even a week or two, but holding out any longer than that is opening up the door for potential infidelity in your relationship. Using sex as a punishment tool or a vehicle of control can lead to problems. Now let’s face it, naturally a man’s sexual desire is stronger than ours in most cases. Did you get the “natural” part? That means that his body, regardless of why you’re upset, still wants sex. This is why men sometimes wake up with hard-ons. They are asleep, but their bodies are ready for sex. When you fail to fulfill that natural need they have over time, you open up the door for their eyes, minds, and interest to wander. I’m not saying that their natural desire gives them a license cheat, but what I am saying is that, if you want your man to remain true, you had better get over it, roll over, and keep his attention. And when you are finished…resume your silent treatment!  No I’m just joking. Work it out and move on!

The bottom line is that at times, sometimes we are victims of cheating because of the selfishness of the men we are with and other times because of our stubbornness. Whichever the case, cheating always hurts and if there is anything within your power that you can do to elude the pain and hurt of cheating. Then by all means…just do it!

Let me know what you think. I know many of you will disagree with me. Tell me why. Why do believe men cheat?

Till next time…


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