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Run to Ramp Up Your Sex Drive

It is a proven fact that exercise increases your sex drive.  Physical activity releases endorphins which are feel good chemicals that generate feelings of relaxation and well-being which are crucial to your sex drive.  Circulation is also very important to ...

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The Scale is the Devil!!!

You wake up in the morning feeling great.  Ready to go.  You hop out of bed and head to the bathroom…and there it is…the SCALE.  You step on the scale just to see where you are, and then it happens…you ...

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Healthy Nutritional ORGASMIC Foods

There is something seductive about rich chocolate and strawberries and we all associate those foods with sex and romance.  And scientifically, they do have components that stimulate arousal.  Chocolate contains serotonin, which is a natural feel-good chemical linked to sexual ...

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